Recently I took a road trip to Amer, lot of you must be thinking “Amer in this weather! I must have gone bonkers”, oh well my sanity is well intact. The idea for this trip wasn’t to act touristy but to relax. We have such busy lives, work pressures and other issues that we tend to get mentally exhausted and I am no exception. I wanted a calm and a peaceful place for myself. So much has been going on in life that I felt I needed this trip.

One of my friends suggested me this beautiful resort, set amidst a valley adjacent to the famous Amer Fort, The Lebua Lodge at Amer. It is the property of the famous international luxury hotel brand Lebua Hotels and Resorts. 

I had a modern Indian deluxe tent to myself and its door opened to this private area that could be used for dining or recreational purposes, it also offered a stunning landscape of rocky hills. Words wouldn’t be able to do justice to the picturesque site! 

I tried some of the authentic Rajasthani delicacies here like Lal Maas and Dal Baati Churma. Though I have already had these dishes in Delhi and wasn’t much of a fan, but the Chef requested us to try their version of the same, I have to admit the food is amazing out here. One of the highlights of this trip has to be these dishes, they were satiating to the core! 

One thing that is admirable about Lebua here is that they are aware that their property is slightly secluded from the city and they have taken good measures to cover this up from camel rides for the guests to providing indoor games like carom, cards on request and the pool is one of the prettiest areas of the property. 
It was a great escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. It was so refreshing and I came back feeling all charged up for the upcoming week.

I would highly recommend this place especially to people who are planning a mini trip nearby the capital.

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  1. Vasu says:

    First of all u look hot in the pics and ur blog is very impressive ..

  2. sahil lohia says:

    I must admit I have popped in a read a good number of your blogs but I have no idea how to post a response over there, so I’ll tell you now how good you are at describing the stuff your at – I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

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