Summer reminds me of all things bright and cheery, but wish this bright and cheery season did not come with heat, humidity and pollution. One of the inevitable part of dealing with this weather has to be a good skin care routine. My skin type would be oily or maybe super oily! my skin becomes sticky and shiny within an hour of washing my face. So it is actually an everyday struggle to maintain a decent looking skin. Also, i hate to admit that my skin breaks out at the drop of a hat. Having an acne prone skin makes it all the more important for me to take care of my skin because if I don’t, it would become worse. 

My skin care routine is not just composed of a handful of products but also comprises of a diet that is rich in fibre with lots of fluid in take. I make sure that i drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily. Ideally, it is said that one should drink at least 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Also, along with that I try having at least 4 different fruits a day, well somedays are when I cannot but the mantra is to try and have fresh fruits as much as you can, fruits keep you light and makes your skin glow.
So coming to the products I use for my skin care are essentially water or gel based and non greasy. If you have an oily skin like mine below are the products that may help you with skin issues:-
1. Cleanser

I am an ardent fan of this face wash called Rejulglow, one can buy it from a pharmacy. This cleanser is gel based and consists of glycol acid, salicylic acid, aloe vera and vitamin E. This helps in removing the dead skin and extra oil and gives way to a brighter looking skin. This cleanser has really helped me curb acne and I use it twice daily-morning and night.
2. Toner

I am currently using Body Shop Tea Tree Toner. This has really helped me with the oily shine on my skin, I use it twice daily and sometimes in the afternoon if I feel too much of dirt and oil on my face. It mattifies my face and helps in clearing impurities.
3. Moisturiser

Now, I use two kinds of moisturisers, different for day and night. During the day, after toning my face I use Rejuglow C20 Serum, I just love this stuff! The kind of moisturiser that my skin needs.

The other one that I use at night is Yugard, it is actually an anti-ageing cream, but i adore this one. Again both the moisturisers can be purchased from any pharmacy. I did have an issue with finding Yugard, it isn’t available with all the pharmacies i guess. So you might have to work a little hard on finding this one.
4. Sunscreen

This is a really really really important product! I may step out without a moisturiser but definitely not without applying my sunscreen. I use Ansolar SPF 30. It is non-comedogenic and water resistant. For working ladies, please do not step out without applying your sunscreen. Apply it 20 minutes before stepping out so that I am fully protected.
5. Exfoliators

I exfoliate my face once a week. Mostly I use a gram flour (besan) paste to exfoliate but sometimes I also use Fab India Charcoal Scrub. This helps me remove the dead and dull skin and gives a little healthy glow to my face.
6. Face pack

My face packs are usually homemade, I play around a lot with gram flour which is supposed to be great for the skin, fullers earth powder (multani mitt), aloe vera, papaya pulp, tomato pulp etc. really work their magic on my skin.

We all love flawless skin, but some people like me arnt too blessed with that. This post is a non sponsored post and the products listed are the ones I actually have been using for more than a year now, so they are tried and tested. Also, if you guys would want to know more about my homemade face packs, do comment below and I shall be all the more happy to share the recipes.
Also a comment in general coming from the reader is highly appreciated! Hope you liked the post! 😉 <3

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